Mental Health Awareness Month

Over the last few months, I’ve really gotten deeper into my own personal yoga practice. Perhaps this is why I’ve neglected my writing. I’ve become engrossed in my morning meditation, asana, and pranayama as well as the evening journaling and recapitulation. While my stress and anxiety has not gone away completely, I do feel much more capable of handling triggers as they arise.

Hence I want to talk about Mental Health Awareness Month. Throughout the month of May, social media, healthcare centers, and many other entities will be sharing information on how we can better improve our mental health. There are some really great resources out there.

What does yoga have to do with mental health? Yoga, in its full form, can be a great asset when managing mental health triggers. While yoga itself is not a complete solution, it can be an asset when finding oneself in situations where stress, anxiety, or other needs surface.

Yoga asana, pranayama, and especially meditation can be tools we use on a regular basis to help us make it through tough situations. This, paired with regular therapy or visits with medical professionals, can truly turn the tide and improve mental health.


National Alliance on Mental Illness

Mental Health Resources for Children