Post-Thanksgiving Feast Yoga

Everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving looks forward to the Thanksgiving feast. It appeals to the glutton in all of us, a nearly endless buffet of appetizers, dinner, and desserts. From the green bean casserole, to the main meal of turkey and stuffing, to the final slice of pumpkin pie, no one is complaining…

…until the meal is over.

That is when the endless moans of “I’m so full”, “I ate too much”, or “It’s nap time” begin. While it is always a part of the Thanksgiving tradition, it doesn’t have to result in a belly ache.

Here are a few yoga poses you can do after your Thanksgiving feast to aid the digestion process and help that feast move a little faster. Please wait at least 60 minutes before doing these poses to allow the food to settle.

1. Cat/Cow

Image result for cat pose

Image result for cat cow pose

2. Downward Facing Dog

Image result for downward facing dog

3. Goddess Squat

Image result for goddess squat

4. Seated Twists

Image result for seated twists

5. Reclined knee to chest

Image result for knee to chest pose

6. Supine Twists

Image result for supine twist

7. Reclined Goddess Pose

Image result for reclined goddess pose

8. Savasana

Image result for savasana pose

Enjoy these poses and mix them up as much or as little as you want! Be thankful for the meal you just had, but also for the ability to work it off!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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