Giving Thanks with Yoga

November is a month dedicated to being thankful and expressing gratitude. Most of the month is spent planning family gatherings and meals surrounding this idea of expressing gratitude for the things and people we have in life.

Incorporating gratitude into your yoga practice isn’t as hard or time consuming as planning that big Thanksgiving Day meal.

Here are a few simple ways to incorporate gratitude into your yoga practice and subsequently, into your every day life.

  1. When setting your intention for your practice, let it be the simple word of appreciation. Feel this appreciation as you flow through your asanas (poses) and enjoy the breath as you practice your pranayama (breath).
  2. Use your asanas as a means of offering your thanks to yourself. Express that appreciation with a smile on your face and a deep breath in your lungs.
  3. During your meditation, imagine your blessings. Imagine all the loved ones in your life showing appreciation for all the good you have done.
  4. Focus on the strives you’ve made both in your yoga practice and in your life! Use these positive moves to guide your mood for the day.
  5. Savasana. Don’t skip it. Relish in it. Be thankful for it.




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